bitches get stuff done (chelsea_energy) wrote in bandos,
bitches get stuff done

Yamaha YOB-211 Oboe

Hi everyone! My name is Rachel and I'm a college student now, but from 5th grade on I spent 7 years playing oboe. In high school I also played old english handbells, chimes, in the drum pit, cymbals, and was a drum major for a year and a half. I was such a bando. Since then I've moved on in my life, and I will be studying abroad for the fall semester in Cape Town, South Africa. I am trying to raise money for my 5 months stay there, so I will be selling my Yamaha YOB-211 Oboe. These oboes originally go for around $1600-$1700, but I'll be selling mine for $600. If anyone needs an oboe or knows of someone else who would be interested (beginner student, back-up instrument, high school band supply, etc) please let me know! I will be forever grateful, and I'm sorry if you see this message more than once as I have posted it to a few communities I am in. My e-mail address is: Please contact me soon! Thank you.
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